These are the current health related research projects that are underway and being planned to help learn more about the health of the Berger Picards.

PRA DNA Research:  OptiGen, of Ithica, NewYork, is a service company to provide DNA based diagnoses for dogs. The research scientists and veterinarians fo PtiGen are offering free testing for PRA-affected purbred dogs. Since the testing is free, the Berger Picard Research Fund (BPRF) will assist in getting as many samples as possible to OptiGen for analysis. In order to help with the goal of testing as many dogs as possible, the BPRF will reimburse for blood samples costs of affected dogs and first generation relatives that have been approved by OptiGen to be submitted into testing.

In the links below, you can read the charter/plan for how we will be supporting the PRA Study with OptiGen.

If you have a Berger Picard with PRA, please open and follow the instructions in the "OptiGen Sample Checklist"(link below) to have your dog be a part of the study and get reimbursement for the costs of sending a sample. OptiGen may also accept blood samples of close relatives (specifically parents) of affected dogs.  Please contact Lisa Naert if you have questions or need help with this.

We support all research for finding DNA markers for all diseases in our breed. By submitting blood samples to OptiGen, we make our dogs available to them for more DNA research.

Heart Research Project: The BPRF is is the planning stage a project to collect data on Picards that have had Echocardiograms done to assess the relationship between heart murmurs and long term heart issues in the breed. A project charter will be posted and we hope to do an ECHO heart clinic for the breed. We know little about heart issues in the breed and hope to learn more.

If you'd like to make a donation towards any of these projects, please see the information on the HowYou Can Help page.