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The Berger Picard is generally a healthy breed, thanks, in part, to a lack of overbreeding. There are currently fewer than 6,000 Picards worldwide. Unfortunately, due to those low numbers, some issues have not been well documented. While not necessarily common, some of the issues encountered are in the eyes, hips, the reproductive system and digestive system. On average, we see about the same percentage of issues in the breed as in all dogs in general, including cancers..

A balance should be maintained between keeping genetic diversity necessary for the survival of the breed and producing healthy specimens. For more information on the frequency of specific health issues, to go to the links below to see the OFA health survey results and also the verified health tests of the breed in OFA database.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a hereditary eye issue that affects the retinal cells by causing degenerative effects and can only be detected by an ophthalmology veterinarian eye exam.  Since PRA may not be detectable by exam until after the age of 2 years old when many dogs may already have been bred, it is important to continue to look for the DNA marker for the disease.  As of this point, the marker for PRA is not in the same location as other breeds with dogs affected with PRA. The BPRF supports all research in the search for the PRA DNA marker.